About Us

Now AHUPARTS is one of the leading suppliers on the ventilation and air conditioning market. We cooperate with many European AHU manufacturers. We especially proud of our innovative dampers, one of them won in the year 2010 patent. Our professional position is also marked by a wide range of particular projects - in the last 10 years we have implemented into serial production over 50 moldings according to individual needs of our clients. We also draw extensively on the knowledge of the leading Polish aluminum profiles producers, together we developed innovative and complete solution to many of our customers. That connection of our tool room with our injection molding plant and with aluminum productions plants of our partners gives perfect combination of production capacity with strong experience. We strongly believe, that being able to deliver complete and complex solution makes us a perfect supplier to every AHU manufacturer.

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Our References

Polish Companies | Beginning of Cooperation

  • VTS - 2002: Corners, Individual Projects
  • Berlinerluft Polska - 2010: Hand Grips, Panel Blocks
  • Dan-Poltherm - 2004: Corners, Dampers, Hand Grips, Panel Blocks
  • Frapol - 2003: Corners, Hand Grips, Panel Blocks
  • VBW Engineering - 2000: Corners, all other
  • Clima-Produkt - 2002: Corners, all other
  • FLOWAIR - 2007: Individual Projects